The West Coast Youth Music Society (WCYMS) is a BC registered non-profit organization founded in 2017. WCYMS consists of a team of youth with the same vision: to help others through the power of music. We consistently strive to achieve our common goal through monthly concerts, including concerts for senior centre residents, children with disabilities, and the general public.  


All of our musicians work hard as a family to achieve WCYMS's common goal. Our musicians are driven, enthusiastic and ambitious. Many of them have participated in music competitions/festivals and gained national recognition. Many are also well-rounded individuals who are leaders in their respective clubs at school. 


WCYMS regularly performs at various senior centres and other public facilities across the lower mainland. We have performed at over dozens of different senior centres all over the lower mainland. Not only does WCYMS bring people joy by performing music for them, but our society also gives children a chance to showcase their talent. Our concerts are held in cities all around the West Coast, while our performers also come from a variety of backgrounds and cities in the lower mainland.

Besides experienced and established musicians, WCYMS has a number of younger musicians who are still learning and growing in their music journey. While helping others through the power of music, we also help these little musicians by giving them performance opportunities to aid their music learning.

Other than​ our monthly senior centre concerts, we also hold numerous charity concerts such as our annual Melodies For Medicine concert. Last year, we raised over $2,000 for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

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