West Coast Youth Music Society


Kitty Liu

Founder of the West Coast Youth Music Society

Kitty Liu is a 17-year-old pianist from Langley, BC.

Beginning her musical journey at the age of 8, Kitty Liu is an accomplished musician who always strives to make a difference in her community. A friend's piano recital first inspired her to start taking piano lessons. 

Although a relatively late start, Kitty managed to achieve her ARCT diploma in Piano Performance by the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 12. She then went on to receive her diploma in Piano Pedagogy at the age of 13 and began teaching students of her own. While balancing her busy International Baccalaureate school work, Kitty also manages to teach 7 students. 

Besides teaching and performing, Kitty has also competed in numerous music festivals and competitions. She has won scholarships and first-place prizes at various music festivals such as the Richmond Music Festival, Kiwanis International Music Festival, and Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. Kitty won three of her classes at the 2018 British Columbia Conservatory of Music (BCCM) Festival and was therefore awarded the highest average score in the Diploma level. She received a scholarship and trophy and was awarded the opportunity to perform at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music's Music Festival Gala Concert. Most recently in 2019, Kitty also won first place at the Crescendo International Music Competition with a perfect score, leading her to receive an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Kitty Liu is actively involved in competitive debate, swimming, and other non-profit organizations in her community. She enjoys helping others and strives to makes an impact. When she's not busy doing homework or practicing music, you will always find her reading random Wikipedia pages or taking a nap.





Annis Lee is 17 years old and started her music studies from the age of 5. Annis holds the spot as concertmaster of both the LCMS and Surrey youth orchestras, where she had received numerous scholarships. She has also been invited to provincials for both solo and chamber music by the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Kiwanis. She holds several awards for her violin achievements. Annis has received her ARCT for violin performance and was awarded first-class honours with distinction.



As the reigning Miss Teen Lower Mainland, Tina has had the privilege of utilizing her large pageant-based platform to serve as a role model for young girls and speak out about pressing obstacles which youth face in the world. From being a competitive debater, level 8 pianist, and former competitive gymnast, she has learned to make the stage her second home. In her community or day-to-day life, she can be seen delivering an impassioned speech in front of crowds, working as a peer tutor for debate students, or reading the New York Times.



Gabrielle is a Grade 12 IB student at R.E. Mountain Secondary. She has been playing piano for more than a decade, and has recently taken on the challenge of playing oboe in the Langley District Honour's Orchestra. Her most recent achievement was listening to over 60 000 minutes of music on Spotify this year (almost 3 hours a day!) and she is very excited to share a love of music with others through live performances. In addition to music, Gabrielle also devotes her time to debating, reading everything from the news to literature, and crocheting, knitting's often underappreciated cousin.



Lilly Ko, a Grade 12 International Baccalaureate student at R.E Mountain is a part of multiple local non-profit organizations and continues to actively follow her passion for helping out the community. Her love for music is shown through her willingness to help others spread their music. She also loves photography, so maybe you’ll see her around at performances with a camera in hand.



Rose Oh is an ambitious IB junior at RE Mountain Secondary and is honoured to serve as the External Director of West Coast Youth Music Society. She started violin at the age of 6. Her music career has only grown further from just solo repertoire to chamber music and orchestra and participating in various musical projects. Other than music, Rose tries to survive in pre IB, plays basketball, preps for her next debate tournament, or records herself playing her repertoire only to delete the recording after hearing herself play the wrong notes.